Saturday, 18 February 2017

Timeshifters (Cathy Scorsese and Kenneth M. Waddell, 2015)

Cast: Jesse McCartney, Hannah Hodson, Alice Kremelberg, Ritesh Rajan and Conor Leslie

Summary: When one of their classmates disintegrates right before their eyes, Ari, Becca, Izzy, Greta and Arun must battle security, the Griefers and each other to uncover the incredible truth about themselves and this other-worldly campus before they are all eliminated.

Genre: Sci-fi, Action

Watched: December 26th, 2016

Also Known As: Campus Code

I bought this film a few months ago on one of my trips to HMV, which typically involves me buying films that I've never heard of before because the cover looks interesting. This was definitely one of those times.

Unfortunately that didn't really work out for me this time! The first thing that clued us into the fact that this film was going to be a whole load of rubbish wasn't even the film itself, but the trailers.
The first one started and it looked as though it was made on a budget of about £1, then there was the awful, awful acting.

In the space of about 2 minutes I knew that by the time the film started we wouldn't be able to watch it, but I said to my family let's give it 10 minutes and if it's really as bad as it seems we'll watch something else.
I don't think we even made it 10 minutes before I begged my mum to turn it off and I ended up watching it by myself later that evening.

The acting was absolutely horrendous for pretty much the whole film, the plot is just awful and the special effects made me want to cry.
The worst part of all is the fact that, that DVD I liked so much actually has nothing whatsoever to do with the film!

As bad as I thought it was while I was watching it, as soon as it finished I thought wait a minute, it's not actually that bad. I mean it is but the idea is very interesting and I think that if the story was written better, had a proper budget and better actors etc. it would maybe make an interesting pilot for a perhaps TV series.
Possibly, who knows?

It reminds me of a film called Parallels (2015), which I thought was amazing but was an awful film and I say that because it has one of the most abrupt endings I've ever seen in a film and it feels more like a pilot for a new show.
Which I've just found out is that it is actually now being made into a series!

Rating: 3/10
One Final Word: Has Potential

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Thursday, 16 February 2017

In the Cinema | February #2

February 17th

John Wick: Chapter 2 - The continuing adventures of former hitman, John Wick.
John Wick (2017) Banner

The Great Wall - A mystery centered around the construction of the Great Wall of China.

The Founder - The story of Ray Kroc, a salesman who turned two brothers' fast food eatery, McDonald's, into one of the biggest restaurant businesses in the world.

Hidden Figures - Based on a true story. A team of African-American women provide NASA with important mathematical data needed to launch the program's first successful space missions.

Moonlight - A timeless story of human self-discovery and connection, Moonlight chronicles the life of a young black man from childhood to adulthood as he struggles to find his place in the world while growing up in a rough neighbourhood of Miami.

Love of My Life - What if you had only five days to figure out... everything.

February 23rd

Patriots Day - An account of Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis's actions in the events leading up to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the aftermath, which includes the city-wide manhunt to find the terrorists behind it.
Patriots Day (2017) Banner

February 24th

The Fits - While training at the gym 11-year-old tomboy Toni becomes entranced with a dance troupe. As she struggles to fit in she finds herself caught up in danger as the group begins to suffer from fainting spells and other violent fits.

Shut In - A heart-pounding thriller about a widowed child psychologist who lives in an isolated existence in rural New England. Caught in a deadly winter storm, she must find a way to rescue a young boy before he disappears forever.

A Cure for Wellness - An ambitious young executive is sent to retrieve his company's CEO from an idyllic but mysterious "wellness center" at a remote location in the Swiss Alps but soon suspects that the spa's miraculous treatments are not what they seem.

Bitter Harvest - Set between the two World Wars and based on true historical events, BITTER HARVEST conveys the untold story of the Holodomor, the genocidal famine engineered by the tyrant Joseph Stalin.

It's Only The End of The World - Louis, a terminally ill writer, returns home after a long absence to tell his family that he is dying.

Transpecos - For three Border Patrol agents working a remote desert checkpoint, the contents of one car will reveal an insidious plot within their own ranks. The next 24 hours will take them on a treacherous journey that could cost them their lives

Southern Fury - A Southern mobster attempts to rescue his kidnapped brother.

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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Film | Best Films in 2016

I loved watching the BFG when I was younger, so when I heard that they were doing a remake that was made by Steven Spielberg, I just knew I had to watch it. I haven't seen it just yet but it is definitely on my list of films to watch for 2017.

I read Room back when I was doing my Goodreads Reading Challenge (Goodreads Challenge June) and I've been dying to see the film ever since. I got the DVD for Christmas so I'm definitely going to watch it this year.

Deadpool, The Neon Demon, Doctor Strange, Fantastic Beasts and Anomalisa are some other films that I definitely need to watch this year.

  • 20. The BFG
  • 19. The Nice Guys
  • 18. Jason Bourne
  • 17. The Conjuring
  • 16. Popstar
  • 15. The Jungle Book
  • 14. Lights Out
  • 13. Finding Dory
  • 12. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • 11. Ghostbusters
  • 10. Star Trek Beyond
  • 9. Doctor Strange
  • 8. The Witch
  • 7. Kubo and The Two Strings
  • 6. Assassins Creed
  • 5. Arrival
  • 4. Captain America: Civil War
  • 3. 10 Cloverfield Lane
  • 2. Deadpool
  • 1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  • 20. Captain America: Civil War
  • 19. Under Then Shadow
  • 18. The Childhood of a Leader
  • 17. The BFG
  • 16. Son of Saul
  • 15. Grimsby
  • 14. Sully
  • 13. When Marnie Was There
  • 12. A Bigger Splash
  • 11. Zootropolis
  • 10. Julieta
  • 9. Everybody Wants Some
  • 8. The Witch
  • 7. Paterson
  • 6. The Hateful Eight
  • 5. The Neon Demon
  • 4. Arrival
  • 3. Your Name
  • 2. American Honey
  • 1. The Assassin

  • 25. Room
  • 24. Queen of Katwe
  • 23. Captain America: Civil War
  • 22. Tale of Tales
  • 21. Our Little Sister
  • 20. The Revenant
  • 19. Under The Shadow
  • 18. The Pearl Button
  • 17. Fantastic Beats and Where To Find Them
  • 16. Bone Tomahawk
  • 15. Fire at Sea
  • 14. High Rise
  • 13. Julieta
  • 12. Hail, Caesar!
  • 11. Driving with Selvi
  • 10. Love & Friendship
  • 9. A Bigger Splash
  • 8. Anomalisa
  • 7. Embrace The Serpent
  • 6. The Nice Guys
  • 5. I, Daniel Blake
  • 4. Mustang
  • 3. American Honey
  • 2. Spotlight
  • 1. Son of Saul
  • 25. Room
  • 24. Son of Saul
  • 23. The Childhood of a Leader
  • 22. 10 Cloverfield Lane
  • 21. The Big Short
  • 20. Nocturnal Animals
  • 19. Creed
  • 18. Hail, Caeser!
  • 17. Love & Friendship
  • 16. Anomalisa
  • 15. The Witch
  • 14. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  • 13. Everybody Wants Some
  • 12. I, Daniel Blake
  • 11. Moana
  • 10. Green Room
  • 9. Spotlight
  • 8. The Revenant
  • 7. Kubo and the Two Strings
  • 6. The Hateful Eight
  • 5. Victoria
  • 4. Captain America: Civil War
  • 3. Hell or High Water
  • 2. Arrival
  • 1. Hunt For the Wilderpeople

Monday, 13 February 2017

Film | 12 Documentaries to Watch on Netflix Right Now

I haven't set myself any goals this year (after 2 years I thought it was time to take another break) but I said to myself that I want to watch more TV shows and documentaries this year.

So I've made a list of some of I've seen and some that I really want to watch this year. Out of the 5 here that I have already seen I would recommend My Beautiful Broken Brain (2014), Blackfish (2013) and Dreams of a Life (2011).

Unfortunately for us Brits, Dear Zachary is only available in the US and Canada. I read about this story a few years back and I've wanted to watch this ever since, so I think I may have to buy the DVD instead.

West of Memphis (2012) - An examination of a failure of justice in the case against the West Memphis Three.

Shenandoah (2012) - A documentary on the hate crime assault and subsequent death of a Latino man in Shenandoah Pennsylvania, including the alleged cover-up and shocking court verdicts.

My Beautiful Broken Brain (2014) - 34 year old Lotje Sodderland's personal voyage into the complexity, fragility and wonder of her own brain following a life changing haemorrhagic stroke.

Team Foxcatcher (2016) - Filmmaker Jon Greenhalgh examines the life of Dave Schultz, a professional wrestler who was part of Team Foxcatcher, funded by philanthropist John E du Pont.

Blackfish (2013) - A documentary following the controversial captivity of killer whales, and its dangers for both humans and whales.

Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey (2011) - The Muppet Elmo is one of the most beloved characters among children across the globe. Meet the unlikely man behind the puppet - the heart and soul of Elmo - Kevin Clash.

The Witness (2015) - The brother of Kitty Genovese investigates the circumstances of her murder and the truth of the story that dozens of locals witnessed the crime and did nothing to intervene.

Twinsters (2015) - Adopted from South Korea, raised on different continents & connected through social media, Samantha & Anaïs believe that they are twin sisters separated at birth.

Tyke Elephant Outlaw (2015) - This is the gripping and emotionally charged story of Tyke, a circus elephant that went on a rampage in Honolulu in 1994, killed her trainer in front of thousands of spectators and died in a hail of gunfire.

Tabloid (2010) - A documentary on a former Miss Wyoming who is charged with abducting and imprisoning a young Mormon Missionary.

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father (2008) - A filmmaker decides to memorialize a murdered friend when his friend's ex-girlfriend announces she is expecting his son.

Dreams of a Life (2011) - A filmmaker sets out to discover the life of Joyce Vincent, who died in her bedsit in North London in 2003. Her body wasn't discovered for three years, and newspaper reports offered few details of her life - not even a photograph.

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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Beneath (Ben Ketai, 2013)

Cast: Brent Briscoe, Kurt Caceres, Jeff Fahey, Kelly Noonan. Eric Etebari, Joey Hern

Summary: A crew of coal miners becomes trapped 600 feet below ground after a disastrous collapse. As the air grows more toxic and time runs out, they slowly descend into madness and begin to turn on one another.

Genre: Horror

Watched: December 15th, 2016

As soon as I saw the trailer for this film I just knew I had to watch it and then I saw the trailer multiple times every day for the next week and I absolutely could not wait to watch it.

However it finally came on I was left feeling a little disappointed.
Overall I thought the film was good. It's very similar in ways to The Descent (2005) which I absolutely loved; however there is definitely something missing.

Most of the performances are okay, but my biggest problem was with Sam (Kelly Noonan). She started off as a very decent character and was definitely an early favourite, but as soon as she stepped foot in the caves she completely changed.
She became a bit of a whimpering mess and this was before anything had really happened. So I wasn't surprised to see her become a bit of a damsel in distress for most of the film.

In The Descent we see exactly what is causing the problems underground (although it takes us a bit of time to get there); however with this film the question of whether it is actually the lack of oxygen that is causing the chaos or is there something more sinister at work seems to pop up.

I don't think it is actually explicitly mentioned and I don't think it was Ketai's intention but the way it's been written/filmed definitely brings up that question.
I really wish that it had been explored because I think it would have made a much better film, especially considering when the group first enters the cave and the ending.

Rating: 6/10
One Final Word: Okay

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